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Guidance Document Change: The Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools guidance document was developed in response to House Bill 145 and Senate Bill 161, enacted by the 2020 Virginia General Assembly, which directed the Virginia Department of Education to develop and make available to each school board model policies concerning the treatment of transgender students in public elementary and secondary schools. These guidelines address common issues regarding transgender students in accordance with evidence-based best practices and include information, guidance, procedures, and standards relating to: compliance with applicable nondiscrimination laws; maintenance of a safe and supportive learning environment free from discrimination and harassment for all students; prevention of and response to bullying and harassment; maintenance of student records; identification of students; protection of student privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive information; enforcement of sex-based dress codes; and student participation in sex-specific school activities, events, and use of school facilities.
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1/5/21  2:58 pm
Commenter: AM

Your attempt to protect the rights of one group severely limits the rights of others - Echoed

These polices/regulations take rights away from cisgendered students, families, religious communities, and teachers under the guise of equality. Protecting a minority by putting the majority at risk is not equality - it is a reversal of power, and spawns the same issues that inspired its implementation. The measures you propose do NOT protect ALL students. I strongly encourage you to revisit and rewrite these policies so that ALL students and staff alike are protected.

These regulations, which were written to protect a minority, WILL be exploited by people acting in bad faith. These regulations place students that claim to be transgendered (whether they actually are or not) in a place of power, where they can punish teachers & other students they dislike by constantly changing their definitions of self so the teacher or other student is always doing or saying the wrong thing. 

It also puts other students at risk - predators WILL use the new regulations about locker rooms and restrooms under the guise of protection of gender identity in order to commit sexual assault. NO student should have to feel afraid using the restroom or locker room. To protect transgender students' privacy, I recommend that a third restroom/locker room be installed - a designated unisex one, with more than one toilet or stall so that transgender students AND cisgendered students alike can use this room without anyone knowing their gender identity, and those students that fear compromising situations can use the restroom or locker room that corresponds to their sex at birth.

I strongly disagree that parents should be taken out of the decision-making process regarding their children, and they have a right to know what happens to their child at school. Parents are far more likely than administrators and teachers to truly know the needs and desires of their children, as they've raised them since birth and care for them on a daily basis. An administrator who deals with a student once a week does not know more than their parent about what they need or what's healthy for them. It is abhorrent that a parent can be reported to Child Protective Services for not supporting their child's gender identity. That is not congruent with child abuse. The human brain is not fully formed until age 25 - these are children that are still learning and growing, and they change their minds with the breeze of a wind. Parents should not be cut out of decision-making regarding the humans they've poured countless hours, time, and energy into sustaining. Being removed from your home by CPS is psychologically damaging to parents and children alike, and this measure will be used by people in bad faith to punish those that they dislike. A case of child abuse must be much more robust (evidence of ongoing physical or emotional abuse or neglect, which does not include simply disagreeing with your child) before you upturn the lives of families and children forever. The effects of a CPS intervention do not end with litigation or resolution - unwarranted removals can scar children for life.

I again echo another commenter's words: "Undermining family and faith--the pillars of society--will not offer more stability for the Commonwealth. It is a long-term recipe for social collapse." It is a path of no return. Please do not support this.

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