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1/26/18  11:39 am
Commenter: Matthew Markowicz

Counselors available to meet patient counseling needs

I would recommend setting a guideline regarding the amount of service hour availability for each counselor relating to a maximum number of patient in their "caseload".  For example: can a treatment center, under good faith, report that they are meeting the patient's needs if a counselor or counseling assistant's time and duties does not physically allow for them to provide group and/or individual services to a certain number of clients per week/month at the minimum level.  Guidelines about the number of patient's served per counselor would provide legal support for patient's to recieve the services they have a right to.  Agencies are incentivized to reduce the availability of counselors and setting a guideline to counterbalance this would be in the best interest of the patient's  and the commonwealth. 

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