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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/28/22  11:05 pm
Commenter: Andrea N.

State Immunization Regulation Must be Repealed or Amended to empower Parental Choice
Dear sirs,
In the upcoming review of the Virginia state immunization regulations, the current strict immunization requirements for children in order to attend public, private, or home school must be repealed or amended to allow for full parental choice, provide for the universal right to informed consent enshrined in the Nuremburg code, and to end the severe and unwarranted government overreach. A child should not need a religious exemption to forgo any or all of the over SEVENTY vaccine doses on the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule in order to receive an education, a schedule that has exploded, driven by purely by greed and profit, following the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which has since provided a complete and unconscionable liability shield to vaccine makers.  I have personally witnessed vaccine injuries within my own family on 3 separate occasions, with devastating and life altering consequences. Parental choice and informed consent must be paramount to any immunization policy the state contemplates. Our children are not guinea pigs, and Virginia  parents will not co-parent with the government. 

Informed consent should be the foundation of the state's immunization program.
The current regulations fail to acknowledge the principle of informed consent, the legal right to be fully and accurately informed about the benefits and risks of a medical intervention, including a pharmaceutical product, and the right to make a voluntary decision about whether to accept the risk for oneself or their minor child without being coerced or punished. The state should move from a mandatory, one size all vaccination schedule to one that allows parents to decide which vaccines their child receives or does not receive. Where there is risk, there must be choice. At a minimum, the regulations should be amended to include a definition of informed consent. 
The right to a medical exemption must be protected. Medical exemptions are very difficult to obtain largely because doctors fear reprisal from the state’s medical regulatory bodies that grant medical licenses and board certifications, and exemptions are often refused by school or health authorities. The regulation should be strengthened to protect an individual’s right to a medical exemption.   
The state should not require vaccines for children taught at home. Regulations requiring vaccinations for children taught at home are a gross overreach of the state’s authority and infringe on the rights of parents. 
The COVID-19 vaccines should not be added to the vaccine schedule. There is now ample evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are associated with heart inflammation and other side effects. I personally have 2 coworkers who experienced stroke and near-death cardiac events immediately following their covid vaccinations. There were 3 other healthy YOUNG coworkers of mine who DIED suddenly with no other conditions within weeks of their covid vaccines early in the roll-out. Myocarditis and pericarditis are inflammatory conditions that can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death. There is also ample evidence that the shots do not prevent transmission, including admissions by Pfizer that transmission prevention was NEVER tested or evaluated. We also now know that Pfizer withheld and manipulated trial data showing significant and severe adverse events, including death, in addition to manipulating trial data to show the vaccine as more efficacious than it abysmally was.
Where there is risk there must be choice. This vaccine should remain voluntary and anyone, be it Pfizer execs, doctors, politicians and/or state law makers, should be held criminally liable for the countless vaccine injuries inflicted upon unwilling and coerced Virginia citizens and their children.  

Medical freedom must be a vigorously defended HUMAN RIGHT, that every Virginian lawmaker involved with these regulations must uphold.
Thank you,

Andrea N., Virginia constituent 

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