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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/26/22  10:22 am
Commenter: Merissa

No to forced vaccines - fight for biological freedom

12VAC5-110-120 discusses exclusion of students unprotected against vaccine-“preventable” diseases. COVID-19 vaccines do NOT PREVENT contraction of or transmission of an ever evolving virus, therefore the disease is not preventable even in those who receive the vaccines.

There are financial conflicts of interest involved in this decision which have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with ANY SCIENCE. Forced-medical programs CANNOT be placed as a burden onto the public with so much conflicting data at large purported by a pharmaceutical conglomerate that obviously has a financial interest/gain involved in promoting the lifespan of legislated, forced campaigns to use their products. If we are forced to use a product and denied our unalienable rights if we do not comply, THIS IS NOT FREEDOM! THIS IS FASCISM.

EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT to do what they want with their own body, and the bodies of their children, so long as they do not install harm on anyone else’s state of health NOR the state of health/well-being of their children. Therefore, if we want to get our daily dose of pharma-vaccines, we have the complete right to do so. If we truly believes they work as advertised, those who take them should feel safe and secure. If we want to live our life or we want our children to live a life without chemicals injected directly into the blood-flow, assaulting the body for the “greater good,” WE ARE NOT PLACING OTHER PEOPLE IN HARM if vaccines work. We are however, DIRECTLY INFRINGING on the unalienable rights of people if we are forcing them to do what we want them to do.

This is a fight for biological freedom. This is a fight to insist that we know best what to do with the body God gave us; if we do not have this freedom, it is pretty hard to decipher which freedoms we actually DO have, if any.

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