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5 Active Chapters and 11 Repealed and 1 Under Development 
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
24 VAC 20‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review Completed 12/2/2022
24 VAC 20‑40   Rules and Regulations on Accident Prevention Courses for Older Drivers Periodic Review Completed 10/4/2020
24 VAC 20‑80   Overload Permit Regulations Final Stage Published 1/30/2023
24 VAC 20‑81   Hauling Permit Regulation Final Stage Published 1/30/2023
24 VAC 20‑82  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Permit Regulations
Final Stage Published 1/30/2023
24 VAC 20‑121   Driver Training Schools Regulations Periodic Review Completed 10/16/2019
Repealed / Renumbered / Withdrawn
24 VAC 20‑10   [REPEALED] Public Participation Guidelines for Regulation Development and Promulgation Final Stage Published 11/24/2008
24 VAC 20‑20   [REPEALED] Privacy Protection Act    
24 VAC 20‑30   [REPEALED] Virginia Driver Improvement Act Rules and Regulations    
24 VAC 20‑50   [REPEALED]Rules and Regulations for Motorcycle Rider Safety Training Center Program Fast-Track Stage Published 8/26/2013
24 VAC 20‑60   [REPEALED]Virginia Commercial Driver's License Regulations Final Stage Published 7/29/2013
24 VAC 20‑70   [REPEALED] Requirements for Proof of Residency to Obtain a Virginia Driver's License or Photo Identification Card Final Stage Published 8/23/2004
24 VAC 20‑90   [REPEALED] Evidence Required to Permit Registration or Reregistration of Vehicles for Which Proof of Tax Payment and of State Corporation Commission Registration Is Required Fast-Track Stage Published 7/29/2013
24 VAC 20‑100   [REPEALED] Virginia Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Rules and Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 4/26/2021
24 VAC 20‑110   [REPEALED] T&M Vehicle, Trailer, and Motorcycle Dealer Advertising Practices and Enforcement Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 4/26/2021
24 VAC 20‑120   [REPEALED] Commercial Driver Training School Regulations Final Stage Published 10/29/2007
24 VAC 20‑130   [REPEALED] International Registration Plan Virginia Rules and Regulations