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Endorsement requirements
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Part II
Requirements for Licensure

18VAC30-21-50. Application requirements.

A. A person seeking a provisional license or licensure as an audiologist, a speech-language pathologist, or a school speech-language pathologist shall submit:

1. A completed and signed application;

2. The applicable fee prescribed in 18VAC30-21-40, or in the case of an application for licensure as an audiologist, a speech-language pathologist, or a school speech-language pathologist following issuance of a provisional license, the difference between the provisional licensure fee and the application licensure fee;

3. Documentation as required by the board to determine if the applicant has met the qualifications for licensure;

4. An attestation that the applicant has read, understands, and will comply with the statutes and regulations governing the practice of audiology or speech-language pathology; and

5. If licensed or certified in another United States jurisdiction, verification of the status of the license or certification from each jurisdiction in which licensure or certification is held.

B. An incomplete application package shall be retained by the board for a period of one year from the date the application is received by the board. If an application is not completed within the year, an applicant shall reapply and pay a new application fee.


18VAC30-21-80. Qualifications for licensure by endorsement.

An applicant for licensure in audiology or speech-language pathology who has been licensed in another United States jurisdiction may shall apply for licensure in Virginia in accordance with application requirements in 18VAC30-21-50 and submission of documentation of:

1. Ten continuing education hours for each year in which he has been licensed in the other jurisdiction, not to exceed 30 hours, or a current and unrestricted Certificate of Clinical Competence in the area in which he seeks licensure issued by ASHA or certification issued by the American Board of Audiology or any other accrediting body recognized by the board. Verification of currency shall be in the form of a certified letter from a recognized accrediting body issued within six months prior to filing an application for licensure;

2. Passage of the qualifying examination from an accrediting body recognized by the board;

3. Current status of licensure in another any other United States jurisdiction showing that the license is current and unrestricted or if lapsed, is eligible for reinstatement and that no disciplinary action is pending or unresolved. The board may deny a request for licensure to any applicant who has been determined to have committed an act in violation of 18VAC30-21-160; and

4. Evidence of active practice in another United States jurisdiction for at least one of the past three years or practice for six months with a provisional license in accordance with 18VAC30-21-70 and by providing evidence of a recommendation for licensure by his supervisor.