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Addressing hours of continuous work by pharmacists
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Part IV

18VAC110-20-110. Pharmacy permits generally.

A. A pharmacy permit shall not be issued to a pharmacist to be simultaneously in charge of more than two pharmacies.

B. Except in an emergency, a permit holder shall not require a pharmacist to work longer than 12 continuous hours in any work day without being allowed at least six hours of off-time between consecutive shifts. A pharmacist working longer than six continuous hours shall be allowed to take a 30-minute break.

B. C. The pharmacist-in-charge (PIC) or the pharmacist on duty shall control all aspects of the practice of pharmacy. Any decision overriding such control of the PIC or other pharmacist on duty shall be deemed the practice of pharmacy and may be grounds for disciplinary action against the pharmacy permit.

C. D. When the PIC ceases practice at a pharmacy or no longer wishes to be designated as PIC, he shall immediately return the pharmacy permit to the board indicating the effective date on which he ceased to be the PIC.

D. E. Although not required by law or regulation, an outgoing PIC shall have the opportunity to take a complete and accurate inventory of all Schedule II through V controlled substances on hand on the date he ceases to be the PIC, unless the owner submits written notice to the board showing good cause as to why this opportunity should not be allowed.

E. F. A PIC who is absent from practice for more than 30 consecutive days shall be deemed to no longer be the PIC. Pharmacists-in-charge having knowledge of upcoming absences for longer than 30 days shall be responsible for notifying the board and returning the permit. For unanticipated absences by the PIC, which exceed 15 days with no known return date within the next 15 days, the owner shall immediately notify the board and shall obtain a new PIC.

F. G. An application for a permit designating the new PIC shall be filed with the required fee within 14 days of the original date of resignation or termination of the PIC on a form provided by the board. It shall be unlawful for a pharmacy to operate without a new permit past the 14-day deadline unless the board receives a request for an extension prior to the deadline. The executive director for the board may grant an extension for up to an additional 14 days for good cause shown.

G. H. Only one pharmacy permit shall be issued to conduct a pharmacy occupying the same designated prescription department space. A pharmacy shall not engage in any other activity requiring a license or permit from the board, such as manufacturing or wholesale-distributing, out of the same designated prescription department space.

H. I. Before any permit is issued, the applicant shall attest to compliance with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances. A pharmacy permit shall not be issued to any person to operate from a private dwelling or residence after September 2, 2009.