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Periodic Review status of 8 chapters for the Department of Environmental Quality.
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secretariat Natural and Historic Resources
board Department of Environmental Quality

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VAC Chapter Title Review via Standard Rulemaking Periodic Review Feature Agency's Scheduled Due Date
9 VAC 15-11 Public Participation Guidelines 12/22/2021 12/22/2025
9 VAC 15-20 Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments for Oil or Gas Well Drilling Operations in Tidewater Virginia 7/22/2019 12/29/2023
9 VAC 15-30 Regulations for the Certification of Recycling Machinery and Equipment for Local Tax Exemption Purposes (formerly 9 VAC 20-140) 1/3/2022 1/3/2026
9 VAC 15-40 Small Renewable Wind Energy Projects Permit by Rule 10/11/2023 11/11/2023
9 VAC 15-60 Small Solar Renewable Energy Projects Permit Regulation 5/17/2024 9/15/2023
9 VAC 15-70 Small Renewable Energy Projects (Combustion) Permit by Rule Regulation 9/4/2023 9/4/2027
9 VAC 15-90 Uniform Environmental Covenants Act Regulation
Chapter is Exempt from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act
10/27/2021 10/27/2025
9 VAC 15-100 Small Energy Storage Facilities Permit by Rule
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