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Department of Health Professions
Board of Counseling
Regulations Governing Delegation to an Agency Subordinate [18 VAC 115 ‑ 15]
34 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
76-10.06 Disciplinary process for cases involving non-compliance with section 54.1-2400.6 1/5/2023 
76-10.17 Publication of Notices and Orders on the Department websites 1/5/2023 
76-10.24 Summary suspensions and restrictions 3/6/2018 
76-20.04 Disclosure of non-investigative information by the Department 1/5/2023 
76-20.05 Disclosure of Information to Health Practitioner Monitoring Program 1/5/2023 
76-34 Reporting by Hospitals and Other Health Care Institutions 9/16/2021 
76-35 Virginia Freedom of Information Act Requests 9/1/2022 
76-40.01 Receipt and investigation of allegations of misconduct 1/5/2023 
76-40.02 Unlicensed activity 1/5/2023 
76-40.05 Diciplinary cases involving board members 1/5/2023 
76-80.12 Extension of time for active duty service members or spouses 1/5/2023 
76-90.01 Prescription Drug Monitoring Advisory Committee 5/4/2018 
76-90.03 Foreign applicants and social security numbers 12/8/2022 
76-90.05 Principles/Establishment of Fees 1/5/2023 
BOARD: Board of Counseling
115-1.1 Disciplinary Actions for Non-Compliance with Continuing Education and Continuing Education Recommendations 11/10/2022 
115-1.2 Bylaws of the Board 7/25/2019 
115-1.3 Bylaws for the Advisory Board on Art Therapy 1/8/2021 
115-1.4 Guidance on Technology-Assisted Counseling and Technology-Assisted Supervision 7/7/2022 
115-1.5 Sanction Reference Points Manual 5/20/2016 
115-1.8 Examinations acceptable for certification as a rehabilitation provider 11/22/2019 
115-1.9 Certifications approved by the Board for Certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor 7/7/2022 
115-10 Guidance on conversion therapy 6/30/2019 
115-11 Scopes of practice in substance abuse counseling or treatment 1/23/2020 
115-12 Acceptance of training and participation as a Disaster Mental Health Worker for continuing competency 1/23/2020 
115-2 Impact of Criminal Convictions, Impairment, and Past History on Licensure, Certification or Registration 9/1/2022 
115-3 Frequently asked questions about credentials appeals 7/25/2019 
115-4.1 Evidence of clinical practice for licensure by endorsement 7/7/2022 
115-4.11 Board guidance on use of confidential consent agreements 7/7/2022 
115-4.3 Direct client hours in an internship 2/5/2021 
115-5 Conduct of an Informal Conference by an Agency Subordinate 5/18/2018 
115-6 Guidance on emotional support animlas 4/2/2020 
115-7 Supervised experience for delivery of clinical services for professional counselor licensure 10/15/2020 
115-8 Approved Degrees in Human Services and Related Fields for QMHP Registration 10/14/2021 
115-9 Board-recognized entity for licensure by endorsement 11/2/2018 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.