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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Elimination of national examination

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CLOSED     Opened on 6/23/2008 and Ended on 7/23/2008

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Comment Title Commenter
National Exam June King RN.Administrator Mountainside Senior Living  7/23/08  5:08 pm
ALFA opposes national examination Richard Grimes  7/23/08  4:56 pm
Assisted Living Administrator Testing Mathew Peponis, CEO Greenfield Senior Living  7/23/08  12:54 pm
Additional Consideration of State versus National Exam Cheryl Cooper, JABA  7/23/08  11:25 am
Support the NAB exam Carter Harrison, Alzheimer's Association  7/23/08  10:41 am
National v. State Examination Kevin Parks, Sunrise Senior Living  7/23/08  12:16 am
Assisted Living Administrator Exam Connie Miller, Greenfield Senior Living  7/22/08  10:43 pm
Opposed for the National Exam for ALF Administators Kathryn Jill Webster-Sutherly  7/22/08  10:25 pm
National Exam vs. State Exam for Assisted Living Administrators Maria L. Irlinger, Dominion Village at Chesapeake  7/22/08  4:33 pm
Virginia Assisted Living Administrator Licensing Steve De Jesus  7/22/08  2:44 pm
Overview of comments . Frankie Minor ,Chestnut Grove Assisted Living  7/22/08  2:05 pm
National Exam Beth Ludeke, Morningside of Bellgrade  7/22/08  11:22 am
National Exam Mary Harden, Morningside Newport News, VA  7/22/08  10:48 am
ALF Administrator Licensing Exam Diana Ponterio, Five Star Quality Care  7/21/08  9:35 pm
State exam vs. national exam Debbie Wright, Godfrey House Assisted Living Facility  7/21/08  9:16 pm
The Assisted Living Administrator Knowledge Base is Much Broader than State Regulations Randy Lindner, National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards  7/21/08  3:29 pm
VALA Opposes a National Exam for ALF Administrators Judy Hackler, Virginia Assisted Living Association  7/21/08  11:03 am
NAB Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrators Licensing Examination Michael Pochowski, Brookdale Senior Living Inc.  7/21/08  10:47 am
State exam vs National Suzanne Grubb  7/20/08  8:55 pm
National Exam-Agree with Susan, VNP  7/20/08  2:36 pm
Administrators Exam should be National Angela-  7/20/08  2:27 pm
Assisted Living Administrator Examination RBJ, BSL  7/20/08  2:22 pm
George Mason University Support of State Licensing Exam for Assisted Living Administrators Andrew Carle  7/18/08  2:14 pm
Virginia Standards Kaye Albin; Leigh Hall  7/15/08  3:48 pm
national versus state exam. Joe Savarie, Heritage Oaks of Richmond  7/15/08  3:13 pm
Let's Make Sense of Virginia's Administrator Licensure Process for Assisted Living Michael Becker, Executive Director, Sunrise of Fairfax  7/14/08  7:37 pm
Assisted Living Administrator Licensure Matthew W. Hartwick, Brighton Gardens of Richmond  7/14/08  3:43 pm
National Exam for Assisted Living Administrator's Don Lundin, Sunrise Senior Living  7/14/08  2:28 pm
NATIONAL EXAM VS STATE Red Oak Manor  7/10/08  9:52 pm
Administrator State vs National exam Sunrise Senior Living  7/10/08  5:25 pm
Elimination of National exam Ben Decker, Sunrise Senior Living  7/10/08  10:57 am
Replace the national exam with a state specific exam Diane Doumas, Sunrise Senior Living  7/10/08  10:37 am
"Licenses and Certificates by State" Kwaku Boateng- Executive Director,Sunrise at Lorton Station  7/10/08  9:18 am
exams George Winters, Sunrise Senior Living  7/10/08  9:17 am
NAB Residential Care /Assisted living Administrators Allison Guthertz, Sunrise Senior Living  7/10/08  8:54 am
Assisted Living Regs & National exam Courtney Lavander, Sunrise of McLean  7/10/08  8:53 am
NAB Administrator's License Doug Nevitt, Greenfield Senior Living  7/9/08  9:11 pm
Virginia ED Exam John True / Mornigside Assisted Living  7/9/08  2:59 pm
National Exam for Assisted Living Administrators Victoria Armstrong, Emeritus Senior Living  7/9/08  10:51 am
national exam for ALF administrator Jennifer Daniels, Greenfield Assisted Senior Living  7/9/08  9:33 am
Virginia assisted living administrators licensing Nona Kahn, Spring Arbor of Richmond Residential and Assisted Living  7/8/08  4:05 pm
National License for Assisted Living Administrators Paula Rose- Sunrise Senior Living  7/8/08  4:03 pm
NAB Exam Sunrise Senior living  7/8/08  11:51 am
National Administrators exam Diane Coker, Curchland House Assisted Living  7/8/08  10:47 am
Elimination of the NAB Ann Coda, Greenfield Senior Living  7/7/08  10:06 pm
Administrator Exam Shelly Ruckman  7/7/08  7:00 pm
Support of State Exam for Assisted Living Administrators Leigh-Anne Osborne, RN, Executive Director, The Oaks of Lynchburg  7/7/08  1:30 pm
Administrator Exam Theresa Taplin  7/7/08  12:13 pm
National Exam vs State Exam Greenfield Senior Living  7/7/08  11:53 am
Federal Exam for Administrators Connie Clem Greenfield Senior Living  7/7/08  11:19 am
Support of State Exam for Assisted Living Administrators Sylvia Maddox, Regional Director, HHHunt  7/7/08  9:39 am
Administrators National Exam Annette NAff, TLC ADULT HOME, ASSISTED LIVING FACILTY ( 8 residents)  7/3/08  6:21 am
Eliminate the NAB exam requirement - replace it with a state exam on state regulations Silva K. M. Gerety; Corporate Director of Health & Wellness; Baldwin Park  7/3/08  12:40 am
eliminate the NAB exam Jill Sproul Baldwin Park Retirement Community  7/2/08  6:37 pm
Administrator's License Labier assisted living  7/2/08  5:34 pm
NAB Exam Melanie Werdel, Emeritus Senior Living  7/2/08  3:32 pm
Assisted Living National Exam Joel Bednoski, Sunrise Assisted Living  7/2/08  1:45 pm
Assisted Living Regulations Brent D. Russell  7/2/08  1:23 pm
ALF Adminstrators Exam Commonwealth Assisted Living  7/2/08  8:27 am
assisted living administrator... national exam vs. state exam Commonwealth Assisted Living  7/1/08  6:59 pm
State administrator exams will correlate with state ALF regulations Elizabeth Friberg  7/1/08  6:23 pm
Assisted Living Administrator Examination Edward Owen, Masonic Home of Virginia  7/1/08  4:52 pm
Comment on Administrators Test Donna Finch Corp Nurse Commonwealth Assisted Living  7/1/08  1:18 pm
Administrator Exam Laverne Canter, Fort Shelby Manor Assisted Living Facility  7/1/08  12:22 pm
VA should have a state exam, not national exam Sara Jeschke, Royal Haven, Inc.  7/1/08  10:37 am
National vs. State Exam Mountain Valley Elder Care, Inc. Helga S. Mills  7/1/08  5:52 am
National versus State Anne Mortenson, Chesapeake Place Assisted Living, Chesapeake, VA  6/30/08  10:35 pm
National versus State Administrators' Exam For Assisted Living Facilities Debbie Crisman Royal Haven, Inc.  6/30/08  4:28 pm
Assisted Living Administrator's Examination Cheryl Cooper, JABA  6/30/08  1:52 pm
administrator licensing Deirdre Lund, LPN Gloucester House  6/30/08  1:23 pm
National Examination for Assisted Living Administrators Suzanne B. Baker, Royal Haven, Inc.  6/30/08  11:31 am
Why start National? Shelia Vick  6/30/08  11:08 am
State vs National Exam Sharon F. Rose, Wheatland Hills, Christiansburg, VA  6/30/08  10:55 am
National Exam VS State Exam Misti Binford, Greenfield Senior Living  6/30/08  10:52 am
licensing administrators Linda McCorkindale, RN BSN, CCM  6/30/08  10:38 am
exam for assisted living administrators Emily Carton, Family Assisted Living  6/30/08  10:34 am
Current licensing rules are a mess. Bring the examinations closer to home i.e.Virginia. Larry Goldman, Mayfair Management, Inc.  6/30/08  10:10 am
State Exam for Assisted Living Administrators John Marco Warner  6/30/08  10:04 am
Replacing National Exam with State Exam Frankie Minor ,Chestnut Grove Assisted Living  6/25/08  2:09 pm

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