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Pursuant to Executive Order 14 (2010), the Virginia Department of Health, on behalf of the Board of Health, will review 12 VAC5-191, State Plan for the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program, to determine whether the regulation should be terminated, amended or retained in its current form. The regulation will be reviewed to determine whether (i) the regulation protects public health, safety and welfare with the least possible intrusion in the lives of citizens, (ii) alternatives in lieu of regulation may achieve the goals of the regulation, (iii) the regulation is based on the best reasonably available scientific, economic and other information, (iv) the regulation is designed to achieve its intended objective in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, (v) the regulation is clearly written and easily understandable by the individuals and entities affected, and (vi) the regulation has been developed in accordance with laws relating to the impact of regulations on small businesses. Comments on the regulations are welcome and will be accepted until the close of the comment period (which must be no sooner than 21 days after publication of the notice). Comments should be sent to Nancy Ford, Virginia Department of Health, 109 Governor Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, (804) 864-7691, (Note: Please include your full name and mailing address in any email.)

CLOSED     Opened on 5/9/2011 and Ended on 5/30/2011

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Comment Title Commenter
Good idea Howtodo  5/30/11  7:36 am
useful and interesting angina pectoris  5/21/11  7:59 am
Child Development Clinics Susan Groom, Winchester Public Schools  5/20/11  4:06 pm
regulatory activity uma  5/20/11  7:22 am
about regulation ketakiseo  5/18/11  6:43 am
Excellent Health Initiative chad peterson / prosperity health  5/17/11  8:50 pm
Need for MORE not less Tanya Boozer, Chaplin Youth Center  5/13/11  12:17 pm
Child Development Centers Dr. William E. Lynch, PsyD at Child and Adolescent Psychological Services  5/10/11  8:30 am

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