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12VAC5-381-20. License.

A. A license to operate a home care organization is issued to a person. However, no license shall be issued to a person who has been sanctioned pursuant to 42 USC § 1320a-7b. Persons planning to seek federal certification or national accreditation pursuant to § 32.1-162.8 of the Code of Virginia must first obtain state licensure.

B. The commissioner shall issue or renew a license to establish or operate a home care organization if the commissioner finds that the home care organization is in compliance with the law and this regulation.

C. A separate license shall be required for home care organizations maintained at separate locations, even though they are owned or are operated under the same management.

D. Every home care organization shall be designated by an appropriate name. The name shall not be changed without first notifying the OLC.

E. Licenses shall not be transferred or assigned.

F. Any person establishing, conducting, maintaining, or operating a home care organization without a license shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony according to § 32.1-162.15 of the Code of Virginia.