Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Preliminary Draft Text


Revisions to the Regulations Establishing Standards for ...
Stage: NOIRA
3/14/24  3:53 PM
8VAC20-132-10 Definitions
8VAC20-132-20 Purpose
8VAC20-132-30 Philosophy, goals, and objectives
8VAC20-132-40 Student achievement expectations
8VAC20-132-50 Requirements for graduation (effective for students entering ninth grade prior to the 2018-2019 school year)
8VAC20-132-51 Requirements for graduation (effective with the students who enter the ninth grade in the 2018–2019 school year)
8VAC20-132-60 Transfer students
8VAC20-132-70 Program of instruction and learning objectives
8VAC20-132-80 Instructional program in elementary schools
8VAC20-132-90 Instructional program in middle schools
8VAC20-132-100 Instructional program in secondary schools
8VAC20-132-110 Standard and verified units of credit
8VAC20-132-120 Summer school
8VAC20-132-130 Elective courses
8VAC20-132-140 College and career readiness; career exposure, exploration, and planning; and opportunities for postsecondary credit
8VAC20-132-150 Standard school year and school day
8VAC20-132-160 Family Life Education
8VAC20-132-170 Off-site instruction
8VAC20-132-180 Library media, materials, and equipment
8VAC20-132-190 Extracurricular and other school activities; recess
8VAC20-132-200 Role of the principal
8VAC20-132-210 Role of professional teaching staff
8VAC20-132-220 Role of support staff
8VAC20-132-230 Administrative and support staff; staffing requirements
8VAC20-132-240 School facilities and safety
8VAC20-132-250 School and community communications
8VAC20-132-260 Expectations for school accountability
8VAC20-132-270 Measurement of school quality for accountability
8VAC20-132-280 Identification of schools for improvement and required actions
8VAC20-132-290 Recognitions and rewards for school and division accountability
8VAC20-132-300 Alternative accountability plans
8VAC20-132-310 Accreditation
8VAC20-132-320 Waivers
8VAC20-132-330 Effective dates