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2023 Amendments to the Regulations Relating to Specifications of ...
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19VAC30-80-10 Purpose.  (Repealed.)

The purpose of this standard is to establish specifications of the description to be obtained by pawnbrokers of persons pawning or pledging goods and to specify the nature of the identifying credentials to be examined by a pawnbroker of a person pawning or pledging goods.

19VAC30-80-30 Identifying credentials

The identifying credential of any person pawning or pledging goods to be examined by a pawnbroker shall be any valid nonexpired operator's license, any valid chauffeur's license, or any valid identification card issued by a governmental agency. The photograph, date of birth, and signature of the person attempting to pawn or pledge goods must be affixed on the operator's license, chauffeur's license, or identification card in order credential for it to qualify as an identifying credential. No operator's license, chauffeur's license, or identification card shall be considered valid for the purpose of qualifying as an identifying credential if presented to a pawnbroker after its date of expiration.

19VAC30-80-40 Electronic submission of required reports

All reports required to be maintained and submitted by a pawnbroker may be maintained and submitted accomplished in electronic format. All such electronic reports shall include the information required by the Code of Virginia and the implementing regulations. Such reports shall be maintained and be submitted in the form designated by the chief of police or other law-enforcement officer designated by the local attorney for the Commonwealth to receive such reports in the county, city or town jurisdiction where the pawnbroker business is conducted.