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9/29/22  10:28 AM
12VAC5-381-40 License application; initial and renewal

A. The OLC provides prelicensure consultation and technical assistance regarding the licensure process. The purpose of such consultation is to explain the regulation and the survey process. Prelicensure consultations are arranged after a completed initial application is on file with the OLC.

B. Licensure applications are obtained from the OLC. The OLC shall consider an application complete when all requested information and the appropriate fee, stated in 12VAC5-381-70, is submitted. If the OLC finds the application incomplete, the applicant will be notified in writing.

C. The activities and services of each applicant and licensee shall be subject to an inspection by the OLC to determine if the organization is in compliance with the provisions of this chapter and state law.

D. A completed application for initial licensure must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the organization's planned opening date to allow the OLC time to process the application. An incomplete application shall become inactive six months after it is received by the OLC. Applicants must then reapply for licensure with a completed application and application fee. An application for a license may be withdrawn at any time.

E. Licenses are renewed annually triennially. The OLC shall make renewal applications available at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the current license.

F. It is the home care organization's responsibility to complete and return a renewal application to assure timely processing. Should a current license expire before a new license is issued, the current license shall remain in effect provided a complete and accurate application was filed on time.

12VAC5-381-70 Fees

A. The OLC shall collect a fee of $500 $1,500 for each initial and renewal license application. Fees shall accompany the licensure application and are not refundable.

B. An additional late fee of $50 shall be collected for an organization's failure to file a renewal application by the date specified.

C. A processing fee of $250 shall be collected for each reissuance or replacement of a license and shall accompany the written request application for reissuance or replacement.

D. A one time processing fee of $75 for exemption from licensure shall accompany the written exemption request application.

12VAC5-381-9998 FORMS (12VAC5-381)

Application for Home Care Organization Licensure (rev. 4/2021)

Renewal Addendum for Licenses Expiring July 31, 2021 (eff. 4/2021)

Application for Exemption from Home Care Organization Licensure (eff. 9/2010)