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Final Exempt Action Related to Mandatory Reporting
Stage: Final
12VAC5-115-30 Registration procedures

A. Participation in VIIS is voluntary mandatory for any health care provider, as defined in § 32.1-127.1:03 of the Code of Virginia, in the Commonwealth that administers immunizations.

B. Completed registration forms from authorized participants must be processed and approved by VDH before access to the system is allowed. Registration will require the participant to assure compliance with necessary confidentiality and security access provisions that specify security procedures to ensure that VIIS data are protected from unauthorized view and access. The participant shall update and submit the forms to VDH every year.

C. Once the participant is approved, the participant shall sign a participant registration agreement with VDH. VDH will then provide training and activate the participant in the VIIS system.

D. Qualifying participant organizations shall designate an administrator for their organization. The administrator may then allow VIIS access by an employee in his the administrator's organization and, in doing so, shall assume responsibility for registering that person, obtaining the most recent security forms that specify VITA or VDH security requirements, retaining all completed user forms, assigning the security role of the user, accepting legal responsibility for his the employee's proper use of VIIS, and terminating access to VIIS if the employee is noncompliant with VIIS requirements or no longer requires access.

E. An administrator may terminate his organization's Terminate organizational participation at any time by notifying VDH in writing. All data entered by that organization shall remain in the system.