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18VAC115-40-20. Fees required by the board.

A. The board has established the following fees applicable to the certification of rehabilitation providers:

Initial certification by examination: Processing and initial certification


Initial certification by endorsement: Processing and initial certification


Certification renewal


Duplicate certificate


Verification of certification


Late renewal


Reinstatement of a lapsed certificate


Replacement of or additional wall certificate


Returned check


Reinstatement following revocation or suspension


B. Fees shall be paid to the board. All fees are nonrefundable.


Part II
Requirements for Certification

18VAC115-40-22. Criteria for eligibility.

A. Education and experience requirements for certification are as follows:

1. Any baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university or a current registered nurse license in good standing in Virginia; and

2. Documentation of 2,000 hours of supervised experience in performing those services that will be offered to a workers' compensation claimant under § 65.2-603 of the Code of Virginia. Experience may be acquired through supervised training or experience or both. A supervised internship in rehabilitation services may count toward part of the required 2,000 hours. Any individual who does not meet the experience requirement for certification must practice under the supervision of an individual who meets the requirements of 18VAC115-40-27. Individuals shall not practice in an internship or supervisee capacity for more than five years.

B. A passing score on a board-approved examination shall be required.

C. The board may grant certification without examination to applicants certified as rehabilitation providers in other states or by nationally recognized certifying agencies, boards, associations and commissions by standards substantially equivalent to those set forth in the board's current regulation.

D. The applicant shall have no unresolved disciplinary action against a health, mental health, or rehabilitation-related license, certificate, or registration in Virginia or in another jurisdiction. The board will consider history of disciplinary action on a case-by-case basis.


18VAC115-40-25. Application process.

The applicant shall submit to the board:

1. A completed application form;

2. The official transcript or transcripts submitted from the appropriate institutions of higher education;

3. Documentation, on the appropriate forms, of the successful completion of the supervised experience requirement of 18VAC115-40-26. Documentation of supervision obtained outside of Virginia must include verification of the supervisor's out-of-state license or certificate;

4. Documentation of passage of the examination required by 18VAC115-40-28;

5. A current report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB); and

5. Documentation of 6. Verification that the applicant's national or out-of-state license or certificate is in good standing where applicable.


18VAC115-40-26. Supervised experience requirement.

The following shall apply to the supervised experience requirement for certification:

1. On average, the supervisor and the supervisee shall consult for two hours per week in group or personal instruction. The total hours of personal instruction shall not be less than 100 hours within the 2,000 hours of experience. Group instruction shall not exceed six members persons in a group.

2. Half of the personal instruction contained in the total supervised experience shall be face-to-face between the supervisor and supervisee. A portion of the face-to-face instruction shall include direct observation of the supervisee-rehabilitation client interaction.


Part IV
Renewal and Reinstatement

18VAC115-40-30. Annual renewal of certificate.

Every certificate issued by the board shall expire on January 31 June 30 of each year.

1. To renew certification, the certified rehabilitation provider shall submit a renewal form and fee as prescribed in 18VAC115-40-20.

2. Failure to receive a renewal notice and form shall not excuse the certified rehabilitation provider from the renewal requirement.


18VAC115-40-35. Reinstatement.

A. A person whose certificate has expired may renew it within one year after its expiration date by paying the renewal fee and the late renewal fee prescribed in 18VAC115-40-20.

B. A person who fails to renew a certificate for one year or more shall apply for reinstatement, pay the reinstatement fee and submit evidence regarding the continued ability to perform the functions within the scope of practice of the certification, such as certificates of completion for continuing education, verification of practice in another jurisdiction, or maintenance of national certification.


18VAC115-40-38. Change of name or address.

A certified rehabilitation provider whose name has changed or whose address of record or public address, if different from the address of record, has changed shall submit the name change or new address in writing to the board within 30 60 days of such change.


18VAC115-40-50. Grounds for revocation, suspension, probation, reprimand, censure, denial of renewal of certificate; petition for rehearing.

Action by the board to revoke, suspend, decline to issue or renew a certificate, to place such a certificate holder on probation or to censure, reprimand or fine a certified rehabilitation provider may be taken in accord with the following:

1. Procuring, attempting to procure, or maintaining a license, certificate, or registration by fraud or misrepresentation.

2. Violation of, or aid to another in violating, any regulation or statute applicable to the provision of rehabilitation services.

3. The denial, revocation, suspension or restriction of a registration, license, or certificate to practice in another state, or a United States possession or territory or the surrender of any such registration, license, or certificate while an active administrative investigation is pending.

4. Conviction of any felony, or of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

5. Providing rehabilitation services without reasonable skill and safety to clients by virtue of physical, mental, or emotional illness or substance abuse misuse;

6. Conducting one's practice in such a manner as to be a danger to the health and welfare of one's clients or to the public;

7. Performance of functions outside of one's board-certified area of competency;

8. Intentional or negligent conduct that causes or is likely to cause injury to a client;

9. Performance of an act likely to deceive, defraud, or harm the public;

10. Failure to cooperate with an employee of the Department of Health Professions in the conduct of an investigation;

11. Failure to report evidence of child abuse or neglect as required by § 63.2-1509 of the Code of Virginia or elder abuse or neglect as required by § 63.2-1606 of the Code of Virginia;

12. Knowingly allowing persons under supervision to jeopardize client safety or provide care to clients outside of such person's scope of practice or area of responsibility; or

13. Violating any provisions of this chapter, including practice standards set forth in 18VAC115-40-40.


FORMS (18VAC115-40)

Application for Certification as a Rehabilitation Provider, Form 1 (rev. 8/07).

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General Information for Certification as a Rehabilitation Provider (rev. 7/2011)

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