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Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment (Fall ...
Stage: Final



16VAC25-90-1910.6, Incorporation by reference; AMEND


Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces

16VAC25-90-1910.21, Scope and definitions; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.22, General requirements; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.23, Ladders; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.24, Step bolts and manhole steps; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.25, Stairways; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.26, Dockboards; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.27, Scaffolds and rope descent systems; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.28, Duty to have fall protections and falling object protection; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.29, Fall protection systems and falling object protection – criteria and practices; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.30, Training requirements; AMEND


Subpart F-Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms

16VAC25-90-1910.66, Powered platforms for building maintenance; AMEND

Appendix C to 16VAC25-90-1910.66 [Reserved]; AMEND

Appendix D to 16VAC25-90-1910.66 – Existing Installations (Mandatory); AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.67, Vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platforms; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.68, Manlifts; AMEND


Subpart I-Personal Protective Equipment

16VAC25-90-1910.132, General requirements; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.139, [Added and Reserved]; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.140, Personal fall protection systems; AMEND

Appendix C to Subpart I of Part 1910 – Personal Fall Protection Systems Non-Mandatory Guidelines; AMEND

Appendix D to Subpart I of Part 1910 – Test methods and Procedures for Personal Fall Protection Systems Non-Mandatory Guidelines; AMEND


Subpart N-Materials Handling and Storage

16VAC25-90-1910.178, Powered industrial trucks; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.179, Overhead and gantry cranes; AMEND


Subpart R-Special Industries

16VAC25-90-1910.261, Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.262, Textiles; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.265, Sawmills; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.268, Telecommunications; AMEND

16VAC25-90-1910.269, Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; AMEND