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6VAC20-230-30. Initial registration application.

A. Individuals are required to be registered pursuant to § 19.2-13 of the Code of Virginia in the category of special conservator of the peace. Prior to the issuance of a registration, the applicant shall meet or exceed the requirements of registration and application submittal to the department as set forth in this section. Individuals who carry or have access to a firearm while on duty must have a valid registration with firearms verification. The court may limit or prohibit the carrying of weapons by any special conservator of the peace as defined in § 19.2-13 F G of the Code of Virginia.

B. Each person applying for registration shall meet the minimum requirements for eligibility as follows:

1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age;

2. Successfully complete all initial training requirements for special conservator of the peace, including firearms verification if applicable, requested pursuant to the entry-level training standards in 6VAC20-230-160; and

3. Be a United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.

C. Each person applying for registration shall file with the department:

1. A properly completed application provided by the department;

2. His mailing address on the application;

3. Fingerprint cards pursuant to 6VAC20-230-40;

4. The applicable, nonrefundable application fee;

5. A drug and alcohol test pursuant to 6VAC230-50 6VAC20-230-50; and

6. Pursuant to § 19.2-13 C D of the Code of Virginia, documentation verifying that the applicant has secured a surety bond or cash bond in the amount not to be less than $10,000 executed by a surety company authorized to do business in Virginia, or a certificate of insurance reflecting the department as a certificate holder, showing a policy of comprehensive general professional law-enforcement liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $10,000 $500,000 issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in Virginia.

D. Upon completion of the initial registration application requirements, the department may issue a temporary registration letter for not more than 120 days at a time while awaiting the results of the state and national fingerprint search provided the applicant has met the necessary conditions and requirements. This temporary registration letter shall be taken to the circuit court where seeking appointment for special conservator of the peace.

E. Each registration shall be issued to the individual named on the application and shall be valid only for use by that individual. No registration shall be assigned or otherwise transferred to another individual.

F. Each registered individual shall comply with all applicable administrative requirements and standards of conduct and shall not engage in any acts prohibited by applicable sections of the Code of Virginia and this chapter.

G. Once the individual has met the requirements and received a temporary registration letter, he shall petition the circuit court for appointment in the jurisdiction where the individual will be employed.

H. Meeting the requirements of registration allows an individual to be eligible for appointment. Registration does not guarantee appointment.

I. Upon completion of an appointment by a circuit court, the individual shall file with the department a copy of the court order granting appointment as a special conservator of the peace. A final registration letter will be issued by the department. This registration letter shall be submitted to a specified entity for a state-issued photo identification card.


6VAC20-230-90. Reinstatement.

A. Individuals who do not renew their registration on or before the expiration date may not work as a special conservator of the peace until reinstatement requirements have been met. Pursuant to the Code of Virginia, all such persons must currently be registered with the department as a special conservator of the peace.

B. A renewal application must be received by the department within 60 days following the expiration date of the registration in order to be reinstated by the department providing all renewal requirements have been met. The department shall not reinstate renewal applications received after the 60-day reinstatement period has expired. It is unlawful to operate without a valid registration during the reinstatement period. The department shall not reinstate a registration that has become null and void due to not maintaining required insurance or surety bond coverage. The department will notify the court when an individual has not met the registration renewal requirements with the department. Prior to reinstatement, the following shall be submitted to the department:

1. The appropriate renewal application and completion of renewal requirements including required training pursuant to this chapter; and

2. The applicable, nonrefundable reinstatement fee.

C. A registration shall be renewed or reinstated only when all renewal application requirements are received by the department. After the 60-day reinstatement period, an applicant shall meet all initial application requirements, including applicable training requirements.

D. Following submittal of all reinstatement requirements, the department will process and may approve any application for reinstatement pursuant to the renewal process for the application.