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Inactive licensure
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7/19/07  4:17 PM

18VAC90-20-30. Fees.

Fees required in connection with the licensing of applicants by the board are:

1. Application for licensure by examination


2. Application for licensure by endorsement


3. Reapplication for licensure by examination


4. Biennial licensure renewal


5. Late renewal


6. Reinstatement of lapsed license


7. Reinstatement of suspended or revoked license


8. Duplicate license


9. Replacement wall certificate


10. Verification of license


11. Transcript of all or part of applicant/licensee records


12. Returned check charge


13. Application for CNS registration


14. Biennial renewal of CNS registration


15. Reinstatement of lapsed CNS registration


16. Verification of CNS registration to another jurisdiction


17. Late renewal of CNS registration


18. Inactive licensure renewal


19. Late renewal of an inactive license



Statutory Authority

§54.1-2400 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR 495-01-1 §1.3, eff. April 15, 1985; amended, Virginia Register Volume 3, Issue 19, eff. July 22, 1987; Volume 5, Issue 5, eff. January 4, 1989; Volume 6, Issue 9, eff. March 1, 1990; Volume 6, Issue 17, eff. June 20, 1990; Volume 7, Issue 6, eff. January 16, 1991; Volume 7, Issue 24, eff. September 25, 1991; Volume 8, Issue 12, eff. April 10, 1992; Volume 10, Issue 7, eff. January 27, 1994; Volume 16, Issue 13, eff. April 12, 2000; Volume 20, Issue 20, eff. July 14, 2004; Volume 22, Issue 12, eff. March 22, 2006.

18VAC90-20-225. Inactive licensure.

A. A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse who holds a current, unrestricted license in Virginia may, upon a request on the renewal application and submission of the required fee, be issued an inactive license. The holder of an inactive license shall not be entitled to practice nursing in Virginia or practice on a multistate licensure privilege but may use the title "registered nurse" or "licensed practical nurse."

B. Reactivation of an inactive license.

1. A nurse whose license is inactive may reactivate within one renewal period by payment of the difference between the inactive renewal and the active renewal fee.

2. A nurse whose license has been inactive for more than one renewal period may reactivate by:

a. Submitting an application;

b. Paying the difference between the inactive renewal and the active renewal fee; and

c. Providing evidence of completion of 15 hours of continuing education in nursing approved by a regionally accredited educational institution or professional nursing organization or of passage of the National Council Licensing Examination during the period in which the license has been inactive.

3. The board may waive all or part of the continuing education requirement for a nurse who holds a current, unrestricted license in another state and who has engaged in active practice during the period the Virginia license was inactive.

4. The board may request additional evidence that the nurse is prepared to resume practice in a competent manner.

5. The board reserves the right to deny a request for reactivation to any licensee who has been determined to have committed an act in violation of § 54.1-3007 of the Code of Virginia or any provision of this chapter.

Statutory Authority

§ of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume , Issue , eff. Month dd, yyyy.