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Department of Health Professions
Board of Long-Term Care Administrators
Petition 9
Petition Information
Petition Title Credit for certain experience as AIT hours
Date Filed 3/24/2003   
Petitioner Georgia Wenzel 
Petitioner's Request

Amend section 310 on requirements for hours in an administrator-in-training program to accept certain education and experience in lieu of hours of training as a nursing home administrator.

Agency's Plan

The Board will consider the petition at its meeting on April 9, 2003 to determine if it should amend proposed regulations that will be adopted as final at that meeting. If it does not amend the regulation and following the comment period, the Board will place the issue of the agenda of its next meeting to decide whether to initiate a regulatory action.

Comment Period Began 4/21/2003    Ended 5/13/2003
Agency Decision Take no action    
Response Date 11/20/2003
Agency Decision Summary

The Board determined that an associate's degree (60 academic hours) is the basic criteria for the administrator-in-training program, so no additional hours of credit should be given to persons with that degree and some work experience in a nursing home.