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Petition 83
Petition Information
Petition Title Request for Reducing Radiological Materials License Fee
Date Filed 8/17/2009   
Petitioner Harvey V. Lankford, MD 
Petitioner's Request

That the recently-adopted radiological materials fee schedules be re-examined and revised so as not to exceed comparable federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) fees, that they be consistent with what the petitioner believes the Board represented in regulatory promulgation documents (culminating in the March 2009 final regulations) to the effect that licensees' fees would be "significantly reduced in most cases" and would therefore be less than those imposed by the NRC. 

Agency's Plan

The agency will review all comments received in response to publication of this petition and will look closely at the possibility of revising the fee schedules affecting radiological materials licensees.

Comment Period Began 9/14/2009    Ended 10/5/2009
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change [Transmittal Sheet]    
Response Date 2/1/2010
Agency Decision Summary

The agency has decided to grant the petitioner's request in order to ensure that the fees involved are appropriately structured to ensure the equitable treatment of small businesses.

Estimated date for filing a NOIRA Not yet determined

Contact Information
Name / Title: Leslie Foldesi, MS, CHP  / Director, Division of Radiological Health
Address: 109 Governor St.
Richmond, 23219
Email Address:
Telephone: (804)864-8151    FAX: (804)864-8155    TDD: ()-