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Regulation Governing Juvenile Data Requests and Research Involving Human Subjects [6 VAC 35 ‑ 170]
Review 1024
Periodic Review of this Chapter
Includes a Small Business Impact Review
Date Filed: 4/6/2011
Notice of Periodic Review
The Department of Juvenile Justice is reviewing the regulation entitled Minimum Standards for Research Involving Human Subjects or Records of the Department of Juvenile Justice (6VAC35-170). In compliance with the provisions of Chapter 5 (ยง 32.1-162.16 et seq.) of Title 32.1 of the Code of Virginia, the regulation establishes minimum standards for research on human subjects under the care of the Department of Juvenile Justice. It requires that the department establish a human research review committee, provides criteria for that committee to use in evaluating proposals involving human research, provides for informed consent by human subjects or their authorized representatives, establishes minimum requirements for researchers, and requires annual reports to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the Board of Juvenile Justice on human research projects. The regulation also establishes a process for reviewing and approving research on records and data of the department when human research is not involved.
Publication of Notice in the Register and Public Comment Period
Published in the Virginia Register on 5/9/2011
Comment Period begins on the publication date and ended on 7/8/2011

Comments Received: 2

Review Result
Amend the regulation
TH-07 Periodic Review Report of Findings   (not yet submitted)
Action Implementing the Result
Action ID #4142: Amendments to the Minimum Standards for Research Involving Human Subjects or Records of DJJ
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