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General Notice
VMRC #2023-1756 Edward Walton Public Notice for Tidal Wetlands Hearing
Date Posted: 8/30/2023
Expiration Date: 9/26/2023
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
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Notice is hereby given that Mr. Edward Walton (VMRC #23-1756) is requesting a permit from the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to replace an existing pier with a 6-foot wide open pile private pier extending 120 feet channelward of mean low water with a 16-foot by 35-foot deck, a 5-foot wide by 47-foot long finger pier, a 15-foot by 36-foot open side covered boat slip, a 16-foot by 18-foot open sided gazebo, two (2) mooring piles and to construct a 41-foot low profile groin with a 22-foot T-head situated along the Mattaponi River at 904 Brookshire Road in King and Queen County.

You may provide comments on this application (VMRC #2023-1756) at We will accept comments by the USPS provided they are received within l5 days of this notice to: Marine Resources Commission, Habitat Management Division, 380 Fenwick Road, Bldg. 96, Hampton, VA 23651

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Name / Title: Beth Howell  / Office Manager
Address: 380 Fenwick Road
Building 96
Fort Monroe, 23651
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