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State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Mandate 1072

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Regulation of Out of State Postsecondary Distance Education Providers
Purpose of legislation
Any degree-granting postsecondary school providing distance learning to residents of the Commonwealth from a location outside of the Commonwealth shall be certified to operate in the Commonwealth or shall be a participant in a reciprocity agreement to which the Commonwealth belongs, in accordance with Council's authority pursuant to ยง 23.1-211, for the purpose of consumer protection.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 380 (2020)
VAC chapters to be amended
8 vac 40 - 31 : Regulations Governing the Certification of Certain Institutions to Confer Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5391: Fee Changes
Latest Stage: Final
Action 5705: Certification Required for Schools Offering Distance Learning in Virginia
Latest Stage: Proposed
Deadline for the regulation to become effective 7/1/2022
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