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Title Procedural Guidelines for Conducting Licensure Hearings
Document ID Employment & License
Summary The Board of Education is committed to providing an equitable and fair process that affords a license holder who is seeking license renewal or whose license is the subject of a petition for suspension or revocation adequate and timely notice of the proceedings and a meaningful opportunity to be heard. The guidelines are intended to assist the parties and the decision makers in that process.
Effective Date 2/4/2021
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Explanation or Citations ยง 22.1-298.1 requires the Board of Education to promulgate regulations that prescribe the requirements for the licensure of teachers and other school personnel required to hold a license, including requirements for the denial, suspension, cancellation and revocation of such licenses.

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The Procedural Guidelines for Conducting Licensure Hearings is being updated to comport with House Bill 2325 (2019) and House Bill 1344 (2020) providing authority for the Board of Education to issue written reprimands in certain licensure hearing matters. These proposed guidelines were approved by t.... 1/4/2021 Forum ended on 2/3/2021 with 0 Comments.

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