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Guidance Document Information
Title Pharmacy Inspection Deficiency Monetary Penalty Guide
Document ID 110-9
Summary Provides board guidance on the monetary penalty that may be assessed by consent agreement for pharmacy inspection violations.
Effective Date 3/28/2024
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This document applies to all chapters for the following boards
[18 VAC 110] Board of Pharmacy
Public Comment Forums / Change History
Proposed Change Register Date Status
Revision of Guidance Document 110-9 to remove language eliminated in the USP 8/12/2024 Forum will begin on 8/12/2024 and end on 9/11/2024
Guidance Document 110-9: changes to deficiency 24 and deficiency 33 5/6/2024 Forum ended on 6/5/2024 with 0 Comments.
Additional changes to Guidance Document 110-9 to capture changes to USP 2/26/2024 Forum ended on 3/27/2024 with 0 Comments.
Amendments to Guidance Document 110-9 based on major revisions to the federal non-sterile and sterile drug compounding standards within the United States Pharmacopeia, which becomes effective November 1, 2023 10/23/2023 Forum ended on 11/22/2023 with 1 Comment.
Change to Guidance Document 110-9 to include pharmacy technician trainees working on an expired registration in the inspection deficiency list and to cite appropriate regulation for that deficiency. 6/5/2023 Forum ended on 7/5/2023 with 0 Comments.
Pharmacy inspection deficiency monetary penalty guide 10/25/2021 Forum ended on 11/24/2021 with 0 Comments.
Revisions on inspection deficiencies - monetary penalties 7/6/2020 Forum ended on 8/5/2020 with 0 Comments.

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