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10/15/18  1:35 pm
Commenter: Deb Fritzler

Health care for women and our nation

To whom this may concern

My comments today are about the health care for women in Virginia but it is more about our country.  Our country is at a breaking point of making women suffer for all the wrongs in this world.  We have a man in the white house who wishes to keep women under his thumb and his wife who continues to disgrace our country with her clothes which state we don't care and slavery is good.

Health care for women with respect to child birth and prevention is at the worse it can be.  More and more women are dying for health care but cannot receive it due to funding, low paying jobs and high insurance costs.  Planned Parenthood clinics have been forced to close due to funding and birth control is kept from many women because of a church belief.  I consider this to be inhumane and unjust treatment of all women.  We are human beings and should be provided with care to keep us healthy and safe as men are.  Our children should be fed, clothed and educated to become healthy citizens.  To not do this should be a cross on our country.  We are neglecting our families by not providing a good paying job, health care, and a good education.

Here is what we need and are asking for.  Give women choice to have a family or not. Give women the meds to prevent child birth if they desire it. Give us choice.  When you deny choice, here is what happens and it is called poverty. And so much of it could be prevented by a little pill, or an insert.  Simple, cheap and safe.

Look around at the poverty. Our schools need more work, our country has cheapen education for so many but few. Our healthcare is not for everyone, even children who were wanted. People are homeless. The vets who went and fought for the country are in the same boat!  Disgraceful.

We have to change, we have to become a nation of care.  Our job, as a nation should be to promote good health, safe food, safe water, clean safe housing, a good job and the education which made it possible whether it needs college or not.  I see we will not have any of this without a change in leadership in all the states and government. And while we are changing to make our country safe and livable again, we can spread the care and concern to other people in the world who need it as much as we do, even more.  We can save lives as we save ourselves.

My advice is if you want to continue with the way the country is going now, there is going to be more death.  A lot of death. I choose life and plan to vote for change.

If enough people feel the same, we will win.

Deb Fritzler

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