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2/19/12  8:55 pm
Commenter: Ramona M. Zavada

Important & Critical My Granddaughter Died at the dentist


Please, I need to comment on this very important issue.  You see I lost my only Granddaughter Marissa Kingery of Elyria Ohio, a year ago.  Marissa died as a result of a simple dental visit to have two baby teeth pulled and a third impacted. She was the patient of Dr. Henry Mazorow who at 81 years old already had a dental death 13 years before as a direct result of failure to properly administer anesthesia to that patient.

Marissa died from lack of oxygen to the brain, she was given an IV sedation in his office without a properly trained anesthesiologist she went into arrest, and more important a team that was not equipped to handle such an emergency.

Marissa was denied oxygen for over 10 minutes. she went into a coma and lingerd 2 weeks. We later found out that Mazorow did not have updated equipment, a crash cart, or proper emergency procedures by trained staff in his outdated office. The 911 tapes clearly state  (the Paramedics )"We go there all the time" and the ( dental aide) "He is giving her mouth to mouth" I was appauled to hear the 911 tape. Clearly Mazorow was not equipped nor his staff to handle any emergency big or small.

I want the dental industry to change the way they are trained to handle an emergency and how anesthesia is used and administerd in a office setting. I want to see the SIX STEPS OF SURVIVAL that RMBF has worked so hard on placed in every dental office in this country. RMBF was one of the first people to reach out to me when Marissa died. I have been in contact with them since and they are amazing in their effort and this comes from a Father who lost his beloved Raven.  Mario is the voice for these Children, and RMBF will continue to fight for these inportant changes, and I stand with them!

I want a national news story on these dental deaths to air, so all Parents can educate themselves, and protect their children. I don't want to see one more Parent or Grandparent suffer the loss of their beautiful child.

I plead for change, for Marissa, Ravin, Jenny and the other beautiful children who died unnecessarily at the dentist.  This is a plea for the living children, We need to look at the bigger picture, Dentists are not taking the correct measures to make sure they have emergency procedures in place, it is time, the cost should not be a question, lives are more important then money.

I promised Marissa they day she was taken off life support, that I would not let her die in vain.  I will continue to fight for change in the dental industry, again it is time.

Thank You

Ramona Zavada

Columbus, Ohio

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