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[Repealed] Regulations Governing Dental Practice [18 VAC 60 ‑ 20]
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2/14/12  5:48 pm
Commenter: R.S. Mayberry DDS

Petition for New Regulations

I am opposed to any more uneccesary regulation, this six steps program is just the latest attempt by someone outside of the profession who has an agenda they are attempting to impose. Currently there is a system in place that will handle any potential shortcomings that unfortunately befall people whether in the dental office or the shopping mall. In this day and age of government interference into the lives of citizens it is time for the profession to realize that we cannot prevent every malady that befalls the public. Life is full of potential disaster, such mishaps happen, and in many cases due to some individuals lack of personal responsibility to prevent their own mishaps. Obviously this is not the situation in every case, but the exceptions to this lack of personal responsibility are so few and far between that the undue regulation of all for the sake of the few if not tyranny is close to it. The times are a changing and the trend is away from such folly not towards more of what has placed us in the dire situation that we all face today. Enough government, we've had enough!


R. S. Mayberry DDS

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