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10/27/11  4:08 pm
Commenter: Michael Thorpe

Allow Growlers for Off-Site

Please vote to allow retailers and other merchants with upstanding records selling beer and wine for off-premises consumption to begin selling growlers to go.  These containers are a great way for small breweries to increase name recognition and make a name for themselves in situations where bottling is simply too expensive.  Allowing consumers the expanded choice of purchasing growlers at "to go" merchants will increase sales and assist in economic recovery.  These merchants already sell alcohol to go and have systems in place to ensure that those who purchase alcohol are of a legal age.  Allowing for growler sales increases choice, while it is really no different than any other to go sale -- the individual must take the container home before consuming.  This occurs with cans and bottles now.  A growler is simply a large bottle.

Finally, selling beers that are otherwise draft only has the added benefit of allowing purchasers to consume a draft-only beer out of a growler at home, rather than forcing that consumer to drink at an establishment.  Such a policy encourages responsibility drinking at home while also discouraging consumption of the beer where it is currently available -- for the most part, only on-premises locations -- and thereby decreasing the likelihood that a person will drink and drive.

I wholeheartedly support this policy.

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