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Action is Exempt from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act
Amendment to Slip Resistance of Skeletal Structural Steel and Appendix B of subpart R
Action 2035
General Information
Action Summary Federal OSHA has revoked paragraph (c)(3) of §1926.754, which establishes a slip-resistance requirement for the painted and coated top walking surface of any structural steel member installed after July 18, 2006. Section 1926.754(c)(3) required that coated structural steel meet a specified level of slip resistance when measured using an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test method. At the time the final rule was issued, ASTM had developed testing methods for two testing machines; however, under ASTM rules, these standards were provisional, pending the completion of precision and bias statements for each. A precision and bias statement is documentation that the test method, in laboratory tests, has been shown to have an acceptable degree of repeatability and reproducibility. OSHA believed that completion of the precision and bias statements was critical to validate these test methods before they could be deemed acceptable for measuring slip resistance under the Standard. (71 FR 2880) ASTM’s technical developments, which needed to occur for employers to comply with the provision by its effective date of July 18, 2006, have not occurred. The ability to comply with the slip resistance provision depended upon two technical developments: (1) completed industry protocols for slip testing equipment; and (2) the availability of suitable slip resistant coatings. Rulemaking comments indicated that the test methods were not likely to be completed by the July effective date because ASTM will not have completed the required validation process. Comments also indicated that ASTM will likely withdraw the test methods altogether because they are brand-specific rather than generic. Lack of completed test methods has delayed the development of suitable slip resistant coatings. Additionally, there has not been adequate testing of coatings to determine whether they have sufficient durability in the variety of applications in which they will be used, especially in corrosive environments. The revoked testing methods specified in Appendix B of 1926 subpart R (Steel Erection) are: • Standard Test Method for Using a Portable Inclinable Articulated Strut Slip Tester (ASTM F1677-96); and • Standard Test Method for Using a Variable Incidence Tribometer (ASTM F1679-96)
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Exempt Citation: Virginia Code § 2.2-4006
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3627 Final Stage complete. This regulation became effective on 06/15/2006.
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