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Description of Proposed Guidance Document Changes
In September 2006, DEQ issued GM 06-2012 to standardize the process and criteria used to review Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) applications, and to aid in making consistent grant eligibility determinations during agreement negotiations. In December 2007, DEQ issued GM 06-2012, Amendment #1 to ensure use of a consistent and equitable decision making process in reviewing applications and prioritizing grant agreement drafting/negotiation, and to standardize methodologies used to determine the eligible scope of work and appropriate cost-share percentages for units comprising the nutrient reduction technology being designed and installed. During the 2019 General Assembly session, section § 10.1-2131(C) of the Code of Virginia was amended to extend WQIF fund eligibility to certain wastewater conveyance infrastructure projects. Specifically, 2019 Va. Acts Ch. 533 amended § 10.1-2131(C) to add language that provides: Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Director may at any time authorize grants for the design and installation of wastewater conveyance infrastructure that (a) diverts wastewater from one publicly owned treatment works that is eligible for grant funding under this chapter to another publicly owned treatment works that also is eligible for such funding; (b) diverts wastewater to a receiving treatment works that is capable of achieving compliance with its nutrient reduction or ammonia control discharge requirements and results in a net reduction in total phosphorus, total nitrogen, or nitrogen-containing ammonia discharges; and (c) results in a Water Quality Improvement Grant expense being incurred by the Department that is the same as or lower than the grant expense the Department would incur in funding design and installation of eligible nutrient removal or other applicable treatment technology at such treatment works that would have treated the wastewater in the absence of the diversion project. As a result of this statutory change, it became necessary to provide an addendum to GM #06-2012, Amendment #1 to include guidance for administering grant applications and agreement negotiations for WQIF wastewater conveyance infrastructure projects. This guidance is supplemental to GM #06-2012, Amendment #1 and does not modify or repeal GM #06-2012, Amendment #1. Unless specifically discussed in this addendum, GM #06-2012, Amendment #1 fully applies to conveyance projects. In addition, the Secretary of Natural Resources’ Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund Guidelines, issued November 2006 and updated May 2012, fully applies to conveyance projects.
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GM06-2012-Amd #1 Add #1 Review Procedures for WQIF Grant Applications and Agreement Negotiations for Wastewater Conveyance Infrastructure Projects n/a pdf Proposed Document
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Karen Doran
DEQ - CWFAP Manager
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Publication Date: 7/5/2021    Volume: 37  Issue: 23
The public comment period began upon publication and lasted for 30 days. It ended on 8/4/2021.
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Planned Effective Date:  8/15/2021 
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