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The "Guidelines for Local Alternative Assessments: 2023-2024 and Beyond" recommend that school divisions use the new integrated reading and writing component that is being added to the grade 5 Standards of Learning (SOL) Reading test beginning in spring 2024 to fulfill the requirement that school divisions administer a local assessment of grade 5 writing. In the new integrated reading and writing items administered as part of the grade SOL Reading test, students are presented with a nonfiction passage based on history or science content that is accompanied by several questions connected to the passage in addition to a writing prompt based on the passage. The nonfiction passage provides context for students to use when responding to the prompt, or it may serve as a springboard for students who choose to incorporate personal experiences in their responses. The intent of the new item type is twofold: (1) to reinforce the importance of students writing about what they have read to support the development of literacy skills; and (2) to provide a measure of students’ writing skill without the burden of an additional test. Because this new item type provides a measure of writing for grade 5 students, the The previous version of this guidance document was deleted from Town Hall. The most recent version can be found on the VDOE webpage:
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Publication Date: 10/9/2023    Volume: 40  Issue: 4
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