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Showing: 29 recently enacted state laws mandating a regulatory change for the State Board of Education.
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Education, State Board of
Title Year Needed By Latest Stage
Nutritional guideline; Board and VDH to develop for all competitive foods in public schools, report. 2010,2015 Proposed
Home instruction of children. 2008 Proposed
Licensure requirements for teachers who teach only online courses 2012 NOIRA
Student Growth Indicators 2013 NOIRA
Lock-Down Drills 2013 Fast-Track
graduation and completion index 2012 Fast-Track
threat assessment teams 2013 Fast-Track
Revisions to teacher and administrator evaluation, probationary period, and grievance procedure 2013 NOIRA
Changes to Grievance Procedures 2013,2014 NOIRA
Use of seclusion and restraint in public schools 2015 NOIRA
Redesign the School Performance Report Card 2015 Fast-Track
Review of Accreditation Status 2015
Additional Accreditation Ratings 2015 Fast-Track
Severe Weather Conditions 2015
Career and Technical Education Program Alignment and Alternative to CTE Credential 2015 Fast-Track
Seal of Biliteracy 2015 Fast-Track
Applied Studies Diplomas 2015 Fast-Track
140 Clock Hour Requirement 2015 Fast-Track
Failure to Graduate 2015 Fast-Track
Expedited Retake 2015 Fast-Track
Posession and Administration of Epinephrine in Private Schools for Students with Disabilities 2015
Policies related to FERPA 2015
School Bus Sale or Transfer 2015
Elimination of the General Achievement Diploma 2012 Proposed
High school equivalency examinations 2014 Proposed
Possession and Administration of Epinephrine 2012 Fast-Track
Administration of Insulin and Glucagon 1999 Fast-Track
Student training in first aid, CPR, automated external defibrillators 2013 Fast-Track
High school equivalency examination 2014 Fast-Track