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Periodic Review status of 6 chapters for the Forensic Science Board.
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secretariat Public Safety and Homeland Security
board Forensic Science Board

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VAC Chapter Title Review via Standard Rulemaking Periodic Review Feature Agency's Scheduled Due Date
6 VAC 40-11 Public Participation Guidelines 3/31/2017 12/1/2021
6 VAC 40-20 Regulations for Breath Alcohol Testing 5/30/2017 5/30/2021
6 VAC 40-30 Regulations for the Approval of Field Tests for Detection of Drugs 5/30/2017 5/30/2021
6 VAC 40-40 Regulations for the Implementation of the Law Permitting DNA Analysis Upon Arrest for All Violent Felonies and Certain Burglaries 5/30/2017 5/30/2021
6 VAC 40-50 Regulations for the Approval of Marijuana Field Tests for Detection of Marijuana Plant Material 5/30/2017 5/30/2021
6 VAC 40-60 DNA Data Bank Regulations 5/30/2017 5/30/2021
Scheduling Notes