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Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Board the Blind and Vision Impaired
9 guidance documents relevant to this board

ID Title Revision Date Date Posted
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
DS-16-01 Determination of Eligibility for Vocational Rehabilitation Services 2/23/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-16-03 Deafblind Policy Update 5/20/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-16-04 Definitions of Significant and Most Significant Disabilities 9/19/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-16-05 Referral Process for Vocational Rehabilitation 7/19/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-16-06 Criteria for Supported Employment Services 7/19/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-16-07 Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired Student Computer Policy and Procedure 9/20/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-GM-16-01 Consent to Release Information 1/19/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-GM-16-02 Older Blind Grant Outreach Reports 1/25/2016  1/5/2017 
DS-PPD-16-1 2016 Income Need Guidlines 2/22/2016  1/5/2017