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Mandate 1143

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Teacher licensure; criteria; assessments.
Purpose of legislation
Requires the Board of Education to issue a license to an individual seeking initial licensure who has not completed the professional assessments prescribed by the Board, if such individual (i) holds a provisional license that will expire within three months; (ii) is employed by a school board; (iii) is recommended for licensure by the division superintendent; (iv) has attempted, unsuccessfully, to obtain a qualifying score on the professional assessments prescribed by the Board; (v) has received an evaluation rating of proficient or above on the performance standards for each year of the provisional license, and such evaluation was conducted in a manner consistent with the Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents; and (vi) meets all other requirements for initial licensure. The bill removes the requirement that the Board of Education prescribe an assessment of basic skills for individuals seeking entry into an approved education preparation program and establish a minimum passing score for such assessment.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 63 (2019)
Chap 407 (2019)
VAC chapters to be amended
8 vac 20 - 23 : Licensure Regulations for School Personnel
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5387: Fast-Track Revisions to the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel to Comport with Legislation
Latest Stage: Fast-Track
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