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Onsite Sewage System Professionals Licensing Regulations [18 VAC 160 ‑ 40]


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10/26/20  5:02 pm
Commenter: SES Mid Atlantic LLC


I believe  there needs to be clarification between VDH and DPOR by policy or reg revision as to the exact requirements for master licensed individuals and supervision requirements of journeymen and laborers onsite completing evaluations, inspecting, operating and installing conventional and alternative onsite sewage systems. If at least a licensed journeyman is required to be onsite at all times for soil evaluation, inspection, installation and all maintenance including tank pump outs of conventional and alternative onsite sewage systems, then this needs to be made clear as well as the availability of the master supervising the journeyman. It appears that the level of supervision intended in the regs in in excess of that required for plumbers, electricians and gas fitters. I believe the level of supervision should be comparable to other trades. When was the last time a septic system killed someone?  I also believe that there are many master operators and installers that do not understand these requirements and have unlicensed and or unsupervised workers performing regulated work. I also believe that it is not clear to licensed plumbers that they are not allowed to perform maintenance and replace pumps and floats on septic systems unless they are also licensed as wastewater operators or installers and that conventional operators are not allowed to pump out alternative systems. What electrical work are licensed ww operators and installers allowed to complete and what requires a licensed electrician. It takes a lot of time, training and money to keep properly licensed staff employed and on jobs to meet the intent and letter of the regs and VDH and DPOR have not made this clear to the industry. Other licensed operators should not be the only form of policing competitors and other practitioners. There should also be a mechanism for practitioners who want to become licensed who do not have a master licensee to work under to become licensed instead of just trying to operate under the radar. VDH and DPOR must work together to rid the commonwealth of unlicensed practitioners who have no desire to become licensed and compete fairly with those of us who play by the rules. Master plumbers and master electricians are allowed to self certify some things in some counties but not master septic system installers?  Now lets talk about all the competition from unlicensed practitioners including homeowners.  Why cant a homeowner replace his own pump, compressor or float if he has it inspected?  There need to be some reasonable provisions for this.  End of rant one, there will be more.  Mike Lynn 

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