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Guidance Documents    Periodic Reviews
12 Active Chapters and 15 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
13 VAC 5‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review 2/7/2019
13 VAC 5‑21   Virginia Certification Standards NOIRA Stage Published 5/27/2019
13 VAC 5‑31   Virginia Amusement Device Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 4/15/2019
13 VAC 5‑40   [Reserved]    
13 VAC 5‑51   Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code NOIRA Stage Published 4/15/2019
13 VAC 5‑63   Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code Proposed Stage Published 10/28/2019
13 VAC 5‑80   Standards Governing Operation of Individual and Regional Code Academies/1990 Periodic Review 2/7/2019
13 VAC 5‑91   Virginia Industrialized Building Safety Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 4/15/2019
13 VAC 5‑95   Virginia Manufactured Home Safety Regulations NOIRA Stage Published 5/27/2019
13 VAC 5‑112   Enterprise Zone Grant Program Regulation Final Stage Published 10/14/2019
13 VAC 5‑175  
All actions related to this chapter are exempt from the executive branch review process.
Rules and Regulations for the Virginia Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Final Stage Published 12/17/2001
13 VAC 5‑200   Solar Energy Criteria for Tax Exemption Periodic Review 2/8/2019