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Regulations Governing the Registration of Qualified Mental Health Professionals [18 VAC 115 ‑ 80]
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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Allow supervision of QMHP-Trainees by QMHPs with 2 or more years of experience

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CLOSED     Opened on 8/1/2022 and Ended on 8/31/2022

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 Comment Title  Commenter
In support Anonymous (127472)  8/31/22  12:44 pm
Support Carlinda Kleck, Loudoun County MHSADS  8/31/22  12:02 pm
In Support Colleen Kivley, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board  8/30/22  12:31 pm
In Support Bonnie Alford  8/29/22  2:59 pm
Argument Based On Law Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LBA, LMHC, LADAC  8/23/22  12:06 pm
Support Laura Fonner, LPC  8/23/22  8:05 am
Agee with Proposed Changes Adrien Monti, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare  8/22/22  2:59 pm
Maximize the Dwindling BH Workforce Gabriella Caldwell-Miller  8/19/22  2:40 pm
In Favor of VACBP petition F. Valenine  8/17/22  7:20 pm
Support CJ/SOC Anonymous (127328)  8/17/22  6:41 pm
Support LPC  8/17/22  2:30 pm
In Support Anonymous (127256)  8/16/22  8:20 am
Bad idea Concerned LPC  8/15/22  8:32 pm
Yes for the change Anonymous (127209)  8/13/22  11:56 am
Support C. Scott-Tillerson  8/12/22  8:51 am
Supervisor training is the key Adam S. Yoder, LPC  8/11/22  1:17 pm
In favor Jane Fetterman, LPC, CPRP  8/11/22  12:55 pm
Support for hybrid supervision of QMHP's and for allowing a criminal justice degree to be acceptable Michele Ebright  8/10/22  12:14 pm
Support Sociology/Criminal Justice as approved QMHP degrees Anonymous (127158)  8/10/22  6:41 am
Concern Anonymous (127154)  8/9/22  9:21 am
Comparison of CSAC Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LBA, LMHC, LADAC  8/8/22  11:25 am
QMHP training Brandi Whitman, BA, QMHP- Norfolk CSB  8/8/22  10:56 am
QMHP Jodie Burton  8/8/22  8:36 am
Proposed QMHP Supervisory Changes Anonymous (127142)  8/7/22  10:17 am
Agree QMHPT A&C  8/7/22  12:46 am
Response to Supporters Comments Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LBA, LMHC, LADAC  8/5/22  6:59 pm
Support the VACSB petition Eric Greene, PD1 BHS/Frontier Health  8/5/22  2:53 pm
QMHP Melanie Tosh  8/5/22  2:11 pm
Support for QMHP Changes Stephanie Stewart, M.Ed, Norfolk Community Services Board  8/5/22  1:24 pm
QMHP Lauren Cressell  8/5/22  10:05 am
QMHP Regulation Change Katherine Baker, Highlands Community Services  8/5/22  8:29 am
QMHP Reg Change Sandra L Irby  8/4/22  6:24 pm
Support This Petition Virginia Association of Community Services Boards (VACSB)  8/4/22  4:04 pm
Completely Inappropriate Anonymous (124710)  8/3/22  8:18 am
Continually lowering the standard Charlotte Markva  8/2/22  9:06 pm
Opposed Anonymous (124649)  8/2/22  6:45 pm
Bad Idea Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LBA, LMHC, LADAC  8/1/22  1:47 pm

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