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8VAC20-250-10 Testing of sight and hearing; monitoring

That sight and hearing of pupils in grades K, 3, 7, and 10 be screened within 60 administrative working days of the opening of school. The principal of each public elementary and secondary school shall cause the vision and hearing of students enrolled in (i) kindergarten, (ii) grade two or three, (iii) grade seven, and (iv) grade 10 to be screened subject to the conditions and exceptions as established in § 22.1-273 of the Code of Virginia. The vision and hearing screen of students shall be scheduled within the first 60 administrative working days of the school year. Whenever a pupil student is found to have any defect of vision or hearing or a disease of the eyes or ears, the principal shall notify the parent or guardian in writing, of such defect or disease. This screening of pupils students will be monitored through the administrative review department's annual data collection process.