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Petition 27
Petition Information
Petition Title Hazel River Exceptional State Surface Water
Date Filed 9/27/2005   
Petitioner Sally Mello 
Petitioner's Request

Designate as an exceptional state surface water the main stem of the Hazel River from its headwaters in Rappahannock County to its confluence in Culpeper County with the Rappahannock River.

Agency's Plan

The State Water Control Board will decide whether or not to move forward with the rulemaking at their first quarterly meeting of 2006.

Comment Period Began 11/28/2005    Ended 12/19/2005
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change    
Response Date 3/15/2006
Agency Decision Summary

The State Water Control Board decided at their meeting on June 1, 2006 to initiate a rulemaking to amend the Water Quality Standards regulation to designate as Exceptional State Waters portions of the Hazel River located in the Shenandoah National Park within Rappahannock County and in Culpeper County. The decision was based on the DEQ staff presentation of:  1) citizen and locality comment 2)  the results of discussions with Rappahannock County officials and 3) a summary of the findings from site visits to determine if the waterbody met the eligibility criteria.

Associated regulatory action Portions of Hazel River as Exceptional Waters [NOTE: EFFECTIVE AUGUST 12, 2008}
Latest Stage: Fast-Track