10/27/2014 1:28 pm
Date / Time filed with the Register of Regulations
VA.R. Document Number: R____-______
Virginia Register Publication Information

Transmittal Sheet: Response to Petition for Rulemaking
Initial Agency Notice
Agency Decision
Promulgating Board: Board of Nursing
Regulatory Coordinator: Elaine J. Yeatts


Agency Contact: Elaine Yeatts

Agency Regulatory Coordinator


Contact Address: Department of Health Professions

9960 Mayland Drive

Henrico, VA 23233
Chapter Affected:
18 vac 90 - 20: Regulations of the Board of Nursing
Statutory Authority: State: Chapter 30 of Title 54.1

Date Petition Received 07/09/2014
Petitioner Patrick Sorensen
 Petitioner's Request
To accept paramedic hours of clinical experience towards the requirement of 500-hour requirement for licensure as a registered nurse, similar to the 150 hours of credit allowed for persons licensed as practical nurses.
 Agency Plan
 In accordance with Virginia law, the petition to amend the regulation was posted on the Virginia Regulatory Townhall at www.townhall.virginia.gov.  It has also been filed with the Register of Regulations for publication on July 28, 2014. Comment on the petition from interested parties will be accepted from July 28th until August 27, 2014.  Following receipt of all comments on the petition, the request will be considered by the Board of Nursing at its meeting scheduled for September 16, 2014.
Publication Date 07/28/2014  (comment period will also begin on this date)
Comment End Date 08/27/2014
 Agency Decision
Take no action
Agency Response Date 10/27/2014
 Agency Decision Text
The Board of Nursing considered the request at its meeting on September 16, 2104 and, after much discussion, declined to initiate rulemaking.  While the Board recognizes the excellent contributions of paramedics in emergency medical services, it does not feel that the training and experience provides a broad range of patient care in a variety of settings.  Additionally, the educational curriculum of a licensed practical nurse includes rotations across the spectrum of the life cycle with various populations, so it would be difficult to equate the clinical experience.