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Mandate 918

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Special conservators of the peace; authority.
Purpose of legislation
The bill replaces the powers that may be provided in the power of appointment for a special conservator of the peace (SCOP), which currently may include all powers, functions, duties, responsibilities, and authority of any other conservator of the peace, with only the duties for which the SCOP is qualified by training established by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. The bill requires the order of appointment to provide that such duties shall be exercised only in the geographical limitations specified by the court. The bill prohibits all SCOPs from using the word
Legislation mandating a change Chap 792 (2018)
VAC chapters to be amended
6 vac 20 - 230 : Regulations Relating to Special Conservator of the Peace
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5110: Special Conservators of the Peace; Authority
Latest Stage: Final
Action 5832: Comprehensive Review and Update of the Training Standards Relating to Special Conservators of the Peace
Latest Stage: NOIRA
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