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Title Civil Enforcement Manual - Chapter 2 - General Enforcement Procedures
Document ID CEM-04
Summary This chapter provides guidance on the procedures that DEQ staff use to address alleged violations of enforceable environmental requirements, including: (1) notifying responsible parties; (2) referring cases for enforcement action and deciding on a plan for the case; (3) resolving enforcement cases with and without Responsible Party consent; (5) special procedures for underground storage tanks (USTs) and for sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs); (6) monitoring enforcement orders and agreements; and (7) closing enforcement cases.
Effective Date 12/31/2021
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This guidance supersedes Chapters 2 through 4 (last updated in November 2016) and Chapter 6 (various portions last updated 1999, 2007, and 2016) of the DEQ Civil Enforcement Manual on Virginia Regulatory Town Hall (ID: 4012, CEM-01, CEM-04, CEM- 05, CEM-06, CEM-07, CEM-10, CEM-11, CEM-11A, and CEM-.... 10/25/2021 Forum ended on 11/24/2021 with 0 Comments.

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