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VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
8 VAC 20‑850   Voluntary Registration of Family Day Homes - Requirements for Providers Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑840   Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑25   Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel    
8 VAC 20‑630   Standards for Remedial Programs Fast-Track Stage Published 1/31/2011
8 VAC 20‑800   Standards for Licensed Family Day Homes Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑780   Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers Final Stage Published 9/13/2021
8 VAC 20‑310   Rules Governing Instructions Concerning Drugs and Substance Abuse Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑360   Rules Governing General Educational Development Certificates Fast-Track Stage Published 12/27/2004
8 VAC 20‑390   Rules Governing Division Superintendent of Schools Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑330   Rules Governing Alternative Education    
8 VAC 20‑620   Regulations Regarding School Guidance and Counseling Programs in the Public Schools of Virginia    
8 VAC 20‑860  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Regulations Regarding Human Research
NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 11/29/2021
8 VAC 20‑730   Regulations Governing Unexcused Absences and Truancy Fast-Track Stage Published 2/1/2021
8 VAC 20‑250   Regulations Governing the Testing of Sight and Hearing of Pupils Fast-Track Stage Published 2/1/2021
8 VAC 20‑160   Regulations Governing the Secondary School Transcript Proposed Stage Published 9/13/2021
8 VAC 20‑543   Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in Virginia Final Stage Published 9/14/2020
8 VAC 20‑671   Regulations Governing the Operation of Private Day Schools for Students with Disabilities and Educational Programs Offered in Group Homes and Residential Facilities in the Commonwealth Final Stage Published 10/25/2021
8 VAC 20‑441   Regulations Governing the Employment of Professional Personnel Final Stage Published 9/14/2020
8 VAC 20‑650   Regulations Governing the Determination of Critical Teacher Shortage Areas for Awarding the Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program Fast-Track Stage Published 5/25/2009
8 VAC 20‑760  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Regulations Governing the Designation of School Divisions of Innovation
Final Stage Published 8/19/2019
8 VAC 20‑510   Regulations Governing Superintendent of Public Instruction    
8 VAC 20‑81   Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia Final Stage Published 10/25/2021
8 VAC 20‑460   Regulations Governing Sick Leave Plan for Teachers Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑290   Regulations Governing School Lunch Sale of Food Items    
8 VAC 20‑180   Regulations Governing School Community Programs Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑490   Regulations Governing School Boards Local Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑240   Regulations Governing School Activity Funds Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑560   Regulations Governing Reporting of Acts of Violence and Substance Abuse in Schools NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 10/9/2003
8 VAC 20‑660   Regulations Governing Re-Enrollment Plans Final Stage Published 7/10/2006
8 VAC 20‑521   Regulations Governing Reduction of State Aid When Length of School Terms Below 180 Teaching Days or 990 Teaching Hours Final Stage Published 9/2/2019
8 VAC 20‑70   Regulations Governing Pupil Transportation Final Stage Published 12/24/2018
8 VAC 20‑110   Regulations Governing Pupil Accounting Records Final Stage Published 2/26/2001
8 VAC 20‑11   Regulations Governing Public Participation Fast-Track Stage Published 2/2/2009
8 VAC 20‑450   Regulations Governing Professional Development    
8 VAC 20‑320   Regulations Governing Physical and Health Education Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑420   Regulations Governing Personnel in Public School Libraries Operated Under Joint Contract Under Control of Local School Board or Boards Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑740   Regulations Governing Nutritional Guidelines for Competitive Foods Sold in Virginia Public Schools Final Stage Published 9/18/2017
8 VAC 20‑720   Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑100   Regulations Governing Literary Loan Applications in Virginia NOIRA Stage Withdrawn 7/6/2010
8 VAC 20‑281   Regulations Governing Jointly Owned and Operated Schools and Jointly Operated Programs Final Stage Published 8/31/2009
8 VAC 20‑40   Regulations Governing Educational Services for Gifted Students Proposed Stage Withdrawn 4/27/2021
8 VAC 20‑340   Regulations Governing Driver Education Final Stage Published 12/14/2015
8 VAC 20‑530   Regulations Governing Criteria to Identify Toxic Art Materials; Labeling; Use in Elementary Grades Prohibited    
8 VAC 20‑120   Regulations Governing Career and Technical Education Final Stage Published 11/19/2012
8 VAC 20‑410   Regulations Governing Allowable Credit for Teaching Experience Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑30   Regulations Governing Adult High School Programs Final Stage Published 1/11/2016
8 VAC 20‑580   Regulations for the School Breakfast Program    
8 VAC 20‑565   Regulations for the Protection of Students as Participants in Human Research Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑690   Regulations for Scoliosis Screening Program Final Stage Published 2/21/2005
8 VAC 20‑131   Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia NOIRA Stage Published 8/30/2021
8 VAC 20‑90   Procedure for Adjusting Grievances Final Stage Published 10/31/2016
8 VAC 20‑810   Minimum Standards for Licensed Family Day Systems Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑150   Management of the Student's Scholastic Record in the Public Schools of Virginia Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑23   Licensure Regulations for School Personnel Fast-Track Stage Published 3/1/2021
8 VAC 20‑821  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
General Procedures and Information for Licensure
8 VAC 20‑820   General Procedures and Information for Licensure Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑830   Fee Requirements for Processing Applications Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑210   Classifications of Expenditures Final Stage Withdrawn 2/1/2017
8 VAC 20‑790   Child Care Program Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑771  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Background Checks for Child Day Programs and Family Day Systems
8 VAC 20‑770   Background Checks for Child Day Programs and Family Day Systems Final Stage Published 7/19/2021
8 VAC 20‑750  
Regulatory change must be adopted before this chapter becomes effective.
Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Virginia
Final Stage Published 7/20/2020
8 VAC 20‑610   [Reserved]