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On this Guidance Document (Guidelines for Beehive Distribution Program)

CLOSED     Opened on 5/11/2020 and Ended on 6/10/2020

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Revise the program Drew Johnson  6/10/20  10:26 am
Successful program outcome requires educated beekeeeprs Nathaniel Muller, Fairfax Beekeepers  6/9/20  10:06 pm
Beehive Distribution Program Betty Gruber  5/20/20  12:06 pm
Beekeeping equipment grant program Anne Fraser  5/20/20  9:47 am
Beehive Distribution Christina Christian  5/20/20  9:13 am
Being a registered beekeeper Rudy Taylor  5/19/20  4:11 pm
Bee Hive Grant Program Karla Eisen  5/19/20  3:03 pm
Free Beehive selection change Michele Birch  5/15/20  12:52 pm
Hard to apply/same persons getting grants each year? Louis and Tami DeMarco  5/15/20  10:14 am
Application Riddle Johnny Butro  5/14/20  10:02 am
Weighted drawing + education + limit 2 hives per household Liz Craver  5/13/20  4:03 pm
Educational Requiremenr Gayle burt  5/12/20  8:01 am
Selection of participants Doug Anderson  5/12/20  7:37 am
Beehive Distribution Program Carolyn O'Neal  5/11/20  9:29 pm

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