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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/28/22  11:56 pm
Commenter: Barbara Zedler, MD

Repeal all vaccine mandates. This is about CONTROL, not a virus, vaccine, science, or healthcare

It is time to return to first principles in the upbringing and care of Virginia's most precious asset, our children.

In Virginia, by law, parents have "the fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent's child.” (§ 1-240.1). Parents choose how to provide for their bodily needs such as food, shelter and healthcare. The state's role is to make healthcare available and accessible to its citizens, not to mandate or require any specific pharmacologic product, whether drugs or vaccines for individuals or their children. 

Furthermore, each individual has a fundamental God-given human right of bodily autonomy (what is done to our bodies and those of our minor children) and the right to private, voluntary and informed medical decision making (individual freedom of choice: "My body, my choice").

Private means honoring the sanctity of the patient-doctor relationship in making medical decisions
Voluntary means without coercion or penalties for an individual’s choice (consent or refusal)
Informed means after receiving complete and accurate information about risks, benefits and alternative options
Vaccine mandates and discrimination based on vaccination status should be prohibited even during a time of declared emergency or public health epidemic. 
So why does Virginia even have an entire chapter of administrative law (12VAC5-110) titled "The State Board of Health Regulations for the Immunization of School Children"? And why, in the throes of a fear-mongering, propaganda-driven public health campaign in 2020 did the VA General Assembly shamefully cede yet one more element of the people's rights and freedom to the unaccountable, unelected administrative state by empowering the State Board of Health with a regulatory pathway to directly change any of the immunization regulations, including the vaccination schedule "as necessary from time to time to maintain conformity with evidence-based, routinely recommended vaccinations for children? (§ 32.1-46) This was just one more manifestation of the massive overreach and mismanagement of the corona crisis by the CDC, FDA and NIH through VA's public health apparatus, all intended to seize further control of the rights and freedom of the individual under the guise of the collective's health. 
The VDH suddenly undertook a regulatory review of this particular chapter less than three weeks after the ACIP and CDC voted unanimously on Oct 20 to add the COVID shot to its Schedule of Required Immunizations for School Children. Since Virginia has followed in lockstep whatever the CDC, FDA and NIH have promulgated, we citizens are under no illusions about what the real intent is. 
"The purpose of this review is to determine whether this regulation should be repealed, amended, or retained in its current form. Public comment is sought on the review of any issue relating to this regulation, including whether the regulation (i) is necessary for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare...” The entire chapter should be repealed specifically to protect public health, safety, and welfare. And  the COVID shot should not be added the the school children's schedule based on the following points, more specific to children but applicable to all demographic strata:
  1. CDC approval of the shots as safe or effective was not “evidence-based.” Therefore, Virginia should not approve or require the shot for our children.   
  2. The shot is not “routinely recommended” for children. 
    • An increasing number of countries (Denmark, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Australia) and U.S. states (FL) have recommended against the shot in healthy children.
    Therefore, Virginia should not recommend or require the shot for our children.
  3. Virginia parents have legal responsibilities and rights regarding their children. We don’t co-parent with the state. Virginia should repeal the entire Chapter of “Regulations for the Immunization of School Children.”

In fact, individual and public health, safety, and welfare are particularly threatened by the COVID shot mandates and chilling to the point of virtual prohibition by the Commonwealth  of effective, safe and inexpensive early treatment and prevention of COVID using numerous repurposed longstanding FDA-approved drugs and supplements  Of course, the Executive branch, State Health Commissioner, members of the Board of Health, and VDH senior clinical scientists will deny knowledge of any of this due to their brutal censorship of all scientific viewpoints other than the WHO-NIH-FDA-CDC uni-narrative. An example is all of the above ignoring or refusing multiple invitations and requests to participate in or even attend an uncensored large public forum on October 1 about Virginia's management of COVID with Virginia physicians and medical scientists, including the inventor of the COVID "vaccine's" mRNA platform.  They (you) likewise have ignored, denied or mischaracterized all adverse event and clinical trial data about the "vaccine" shared with them at their own public meetings or in private settings. And then they (you) call us "deniers." 

I urge you to repeal the Chapter under review and not approve/mandate/require the COVID shot for our school children.

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