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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/28/22  5:58 pm
Commenter: Alexander Kasak

Shocked and Appalled Virginia Citizen

I am shocked and appalled by how much this beautiful state has deteriorated by "leadership" in the eleven years we've lived here.  And I would like to remind you that the state motto is in opposition to tyranny, not for it!

I thank God that my youngest child has gone through the VA school system (when he did), graduating from VT and proudly playing on their soccer team.  We chose not to vaccinate him at all and, upon turning eighteen and being able to choose for himself, he chose not to.  This is his fundamental human right and any kind of exemption, that may be granted by someone else, removes that basic right and puts us on the slippery slope to medical tyranny.  If he was still in the school system we would be shopping for another state.  And if he was in the NoVa school system, we would have left years ago.

Any mandated medical procedure is tyranny and not having control over your own body is slavery!  I have principles and am speaking for the parents and their school age children.  Do you have principles?

On another note, I recently read that Virginia has adopted some level of climate change related laws and/or policies adopted by California and who knows what else.  This policy must be annulled  immediately or you might as well all resign as we'll be taking our orders from some politicians that we do not know and certainly have not elected.  Do your jobs for the people of Virginia.  Who knows where your authority may end up if you give it away to outside interests?  I would wager that most Virginians aren't even aware of this outrage.  Some democracy......

Furthermore, if anyone really cares about Virginia's children, they should do a little research instead of mindlessly parroting the same mantra.  Look at the CDC VAERS data.  Despite being 10x to 100x under reported it shows a huge upsurge of young children falling ill and dying from heart attacks and strokes due to myocarditis and pericarditis.  All cause deaths are up.  Then there's SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and "doctors are baffled".  The masks do not and never worked.  The shots did not prevent infection and transmission.  The tests were a fraud (per the Nobel Prize winning inventor).  "Long covid" is vaccine side effects as most victims are partially or fully vaccinated.  

I am 66 years old and got a few childhood vaccines.  I am a survivor of chicken pox, German measles, measles, scarlet fever, etc.  I'm in great physical health and have been avoiding all pharmaceutical products for 35 years.  It is mostly all garbage!  Your fundamental job responsibilities are the safety of Virginians and to prevent them from being plundered.  If you want to sell pharmaceuticals, Walgreens is hiring.

Save Virginia and God Help America!




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